Kitchen Confidential: Kim Kaewkraikhot, Thaikhun Cookery Schools

Thai cookery courses UK
Thai cookery classes are opening at Thaikhun restaurants across Britain More

Kitchen Confidential: Midge Shirley, Teen Cooks summer cookery school

cookery courses for teenagers
This week in our series which allows cookery school teachers to share years of culinary experience we meet course director and tutor Midge Shirley who, despite … More

Kitchen Confidential: Sylvain Gachot, Season Cookery School

Season cookery school boss and charcuterie lover, Sylvain Gachot
In our latest profile of cookery school chiefs, Sylvain Gachot, course director at the beautiful Season Cookery School near Winchester in Hampshire, shares his kitchen secrets … More

Kitchen Confidential: Alex Connell, Vegetarian Society Cookery School

Cookery school veg chief Alex Connell
In our latest profile of people at the beating heart of Britain’s cookery schools, Alex Connell, principal tutor at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School in … More

10 really interesting cookery classes

Scotch eggs as gourmet pub grub
Type: , , , , ,  
Knife-skills? No-thrills. Bread-making? Half-baked. Pasta? Passé. If your feeling jaded in the kitchen and in need of a new challenge, we’ve found ten refreshingly different … More

Top five tips for a greener kitchen

Home-grown seasonal food means fewer food miles and supports local economies
Simple ways to be more green in the kitchen More

Kitchen Confidential: Diana Horsford, The Avenue Cookery School

Dynamic cookery school boss Diana Horsford
How is a recipe like a little black dress? Diana Horsford, the owner and head chef of the Avenue Cookery School in Wandsworth, London, shares her kitchen … More

Fresh veg based recipe kit is like a home cookery class

A cleverly designed Thud vegetable box
Nick Wyke's culinary creativity is unleashed by the thud of a vegetable recipe kit on his doormat More

Britain’s best food festivals 2016

A guide to Britain's best food festivals in 2016 More

Kitchen Confidential: Louise Talbot, Cutting the Curd cheese making classes

The founder and tutor for Cutting the Curd, Louise Talbot, travels the length and breadth of the country teaching people the dying art of cheese … More

16 top food trends for 2016

Blue Hill Farm's yoghurts made with vegetables
Report on the latest food and drink trends and gourmet fashions More

How to make cheese — a masterclass in London

Philip Wilton and Keith Sides run an artisan cheese-making class in Tottenham
Laura Ivill dons a plastic pinny and a cheap netted hat to join a cheese-making class with the Hairy Bikers of the fromage fraternity on an industrial site in north London More

How to make sauces – a masterclass at Leiths, London

Pesto is one of the sauces on the menu at Leiths
Laura Ivill grabs a copper pan and gets to grips with sauces at a cookery class in London More

16 of the best Christmas cookery classes

Tristan Plowman seeks out the best cookery schools to help you pep up this year's festive fare More

A cookery class to perfect your eggs

Learning how to cook the basic eggs styles is a skill for life
Laura Ivill cracks a lot of eggs on a cookery class at London's Cookery School More

Kitchen Confidential: Clare Major, Seasoned Cookery School

Seasoned Cookery School founder, Clare Major
Batch cooking, grass-fed beef and a really fresh eggs are just a few of cookery school boss Clare Major's favourite things More

Know your knives to cook with confidence

Chop, chop: learning how to use a knife is a cornerstone of cookery
Laura Ivill sharpens up her cooking skills at a cookery class in London More

New cookery skills for a seasonal supper

SEASON_The Exclusive Cookery School _04
Bridget Cowan visits an upmarket cookery school with its eye firmly on seasonal fare More

Kitchen Confidential: Andrew Clements, Jenius Social Cookery School

Chef Andrew Clements is the head tutor at Jenius Social
From his mum's spag bol to 1,001 uses for cling film, the Jenius Social chef shares his top tips and culinary secrets More

Cooking in Italy: the cuisine of Le Marche

Pillowy focaccia with cherry tomatoes
Tristan Plowman cranks the pasta machine handle on a week-long cookery holiday exploring Italian food More

The best cookery schools for Middle Eastern cuisine

A chicken dish made at Dublin's Silk Road Cookery School
Tristan Plowman reports on our growing taste for Levantine stories and flavours More

Daylesford wins first sustainable cookery school award

What do most people want to learn when they enrol on a course at cookery school? A novice may want to master the basics so … More

The UK Cookery School Awards 2014: the winners

Nick Wyke reflects on this year’s champion schools in the UK Cookery School Awards 2014 More

Super discounts on cookery courses with Times +

Three Females
Times+ members can save 50% and book two-for-one deals on more than 100 cookery courses selected by Looking to Cook, the UK’s only online cookery school … More

VOTE NOW in polls for the UK Cookery School Awards

(Photo: David Griffen)
Thank you for your votes. The polls are now closed and winners will be announced shortly… After sifting through hundreds of entries we have finally created … More

VOTE NOW in our poll for the UK’s best baking course

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Thank you for your votes. The polls are now closed and winners will be announced shortly…  Given the nation’s passion for all things baked this category … More

Kitchen Confidential: Rachel Demuth, Demuths Cookery School

Rachel Demuth opened her cookery school in Bath in 2001
From Vietnamese tapioca to hedge mustard, the boss of Bath's cookery school scene shares her tips and culinary secrets More

Cookery school Q&A: John Benbow, Food at 52

Former furniture maker John Benbow adds fun and flair to a number of global cuisines
The owner and head chef at the Food at 52 cookery school, John Benbow, shares his gastronomic memories and culinary tips from butterscotch Angel delight to PYO Cornish lobsters More

Essential cookery kit for freshers

Cookery school tutor Earleen Taylor, from Let Us Cook in Surrey, offers tips on kitchen equipment for new students More

The benefits of sustainable cookery schools

The past few years have seen an increasing awareness among consumers of how food is produced and where it comes from, with a strong emphasis … More

Cooking with lemon verbena

Tristan Plowman learns that less is more sometimes in the kitchen More

A cheese and wine masterclass in central London

“Very Seventies” was the reaction of my colleague upon hearing that I would be attending a Theo Randall cheese and wine pairing at the Park … More

Cookery school Q&A: Earleen Taylor of Let Us Cook

First food memory? Loving pineapple. First cookery skills? Baking lovely cakes. Favourite ingredients? Salt, without it, food is bland. Recipes or improvise? I love to … More

Cookery course report: Hot sauce for chilli nights

In preparation for summer Tristan Plowman joins a creative barbecue class at the Cookery School, London More

How to make food look good

It's all Greek to me: Ella's beautifully arranged salad
Cake and food magazine addict Ella Tarn picks up tricks of the trade on a food styling course at Leiths More

Unlock the secrets of souffle

Rise and shine: learn the art of making the perfect souffle
Tasked with finding out how to cook the perfect souffle, Ella Tarn rises to the occasion More

Pancake Day recipe competition winners

Tideswell Savoury Pancakes
Cookery schools went head to head to rustle up the tastiest pancakes for Shrove Tuesday More

Cookery course report: Food and Flowers at Harmony House

Helen Sutcliffe settles in for a double helping of comfort food and More

Booking to cook: six of the best culinary vacations

Tristan Plowman rounds up the cookery courses worth travelling for More

How to build a top cookery school website

Pretty in pink: Lesley Waters' homepage is packed with information
The perfect cookery school website should be conceived like any piece of visually effective communication. The school’s core message needs to be both loud and … More

Top 10 cookery school websites

Trill Farm's 'mosaic' style website
The most captivating cookery school websites combine striking looks with simple and practical navigation to cookery courses More

Romancing the stove – what makes a winning kitchen unit?

Food of love: Anton and Clare Piotrowski
Chefs are passionate creatures. So when a couple works together in the same restaurant how do they stop their relationship becoming overheated? More

Six of the best Valentine’s gifts for foodies

Valentine's Day Dinner
We've handpicked six of the best gourmet gifts for lovers to share, from cookery courses to stylish cocktails More

Top food trends for 2104

The $3 slice of artisan toast is popular in Californian cafes
Brazilian? Compost leftovers, or just plain old artisan toast? What will we be mostly eating this year? Tristam Plowman investigates More

Cookery school Q&A: Paul Barker, Cinnamon Square

Paul Barker is never without his weighing scales
Cinnamon Square's head tutor reflects on Britain's secret bun, his prized starter culture and the quest for perfection in baking More

Top 5 things to make on a chocolate cookery course

A dark chocolate truffle
With Valentine's Day around the corner, Hannah Saxton reveals her students' favourite chocolates More

Cookery School Q&A: Mike Harrison, head tutor at the Wellbeing Farm

Mike Harrison is the head chef at The Wellbeing Farm cookery school
Mike Harrison gets nostalgic for grandma's bread, recommends a lesser known cut of lamb and raves about wild garlic More

Top ten cookery courses for 2014

Our selection of courses from some of Britain's best cookery schools ranges from shooting supper and serious cheffing to molecular gastronomy for kids and creative vegetarian cooking More

Five simple steps to a healthier diet

The UK has seen a rise in "dry" bars serving mocktails since 2011
Five fairly easy ways to supercharge your diet from watching what you drink to learning to cook new dishes More

How to cook with wine

When cooking use a wine you'd be prepared to drink yourself
Nick Wyke raises a glass to cooking with wine then tips it in the pot More

Looking to cook? How to buy a new cooker

Vanessa Kimbell prefers a gas hob and an electric oven
Cookery school teachers share key things to look for when buying a new oven - and they should know! More

Cookery school Q&A: Tine Roche, Cambridge Cookery School

Tine Roche, founder and owner of the Cambridge Cookery School
The Scandinavian chef-patron recalls gran's Arctic blueberries and the very British secret of roasted spuds More

Tantalising Tapas

London’s Central Street Cookery School is a popular haunt for Rachel’s Kitchen, which on this occasion was the venue for Rachel Davies’ exemplary Tapas class. … More

Bread of heaven

BB pic 2
On first sight, the Cambridge Cookery School, tucked right into the back of Homerton Business Centre on Purbeck Road, appears rather unassuming. But when I … More

Why we should all learn to cook

Learning to cook is an invaluable life skill. Knowing how to rustle up your own meals makes you more self sufficient, encourages creativity and, since … More

Cookery school Q&A: Jack Scarterfield, Culbone Cookery School

Chef Jack Scarterfield prepares scallops in the Culbone kitchen
Exmoor food expert Jack Scarterfield loves to improvise with big flavours from local meat and seafood More

Cookery course report: Italian Cookery at Eckington Manor

The kitchen at Eckington Manor cookery school
Ferne Arfin busts culinary myths and eats to bursting on a well-tooled cookery course in the Vale of Evesham More

Lebanese Cookery Course on the English Riviera

Region:   Type: ,   Cost:  
The Richwood Hotel in Torquay, Devon, is a Victorian mansion with 13 en-suite bedrooms that range from single occupancy to family size. Murals … More

The Lavender Hill Job

Tristan Plowman hops on the bandwagon of the sweet, summer trend for beer and food matching More

The WI Cookery School at Denman

Region:   Type: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Cost:  
Basic ingredients: It’s more than simply preserves on the jam-packed roster of cookery classes run by the WI at Denman near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. Students can … More

Italian Cookery puts a Spring in your step

NOVIKOV - cookery workshop 4 - credit ABphotoworks
Tristan Plowman finds plenty to chew on during an Italian Masterclass in Mayfair More

Insects for supper?

'Jiminy cricket', says Tristan Plowman, as he tucks in to Mexican-style grasshopper for supper in London More

Breaking the mould at breakfast

portobello mushrooms
There are very few, if any, cookery courses available on breakfasts. Why is this, I wonder? I found this one at Lucy Cooks in Cumbria … More

MasterChef: What is the recipe for success?

What happens to MasterChef winners after the aprons have been untied for the last time? More

Mexican chilli cookery course is hot stuff

Roast chicken with potatoes
Tristan Plowman manages to stay cool at a nine-dish Mexican chilli feast at London's Cookery School More

How to cook the perfect pie

Tristan Plowman lifts the lid on the principles of pie making at the revived Sunday Pie cookery club in London More

Cookery school Q&A: Vanessa Kimbell, Sourdough Bread making

The founder of the Kitchen Garden School on her culinary inspirations, tips and secrets More

Five more alternative cookery schools #8

More cookery schools, with interesting courses in beautfiul locations, that we think are worth a mention More

Alternative cookery courses #7

Celebrating the person behind the pots ‘n’ pans, the heart behind the hob. The following six schools were established by individuals, we believe, with a … More

A Scandinavian winter cookery course

Mark Barber discovers his inner Viking in a kitchen full of Nordic nosh More

A week of wine, cooking and Michelin-star restaurants in France

Helen Sutcliffe picks her highlights from a cookery course in Burgundy More

Cookery school Q&A: Rob Rees, The Cotswold Chef

The Cotswold Chef, Rob Rees, tells us about the exotic start to his culinary journey and why he never uses salt More

How to taste coffee, properly

Cupping 5
Tristan Plowman sniffs and slurps his way through the science of coffee cupping at a masterclass in East London More

Cookery course report: East African veggie delights, North London

Sam Lyster discovers some familiar flavours at London's only African cookery school More

Cookery school Q&A: Christine McFadden, Dorset Foodie

Cookery teacher Christine McFadden reflects on old-school butchers, secret nuts and her love of pepper More

Cookery school Q&A: Sheba Promod, Absolute Indian

Sheba Promod cp
The food writer and founder of Absolute Indian cookery school Sheba Promod reveals her kitchen secrets More

Cookery school Q&A: Andrew Maxwell, Tante Marie

Andrew Maxwell, managing director and principal, Tante Marie (3)
The principal of Tante Marie Culinary Academy on his love of Scottish produce and the importance of both salt and a spatula More

Under pressure: Sous Vide Supreme

sous vide salmon 7
Tristan Plowman is enchanted by his latest kitchen gadget More

Spanish olives masterclass at Food at 52 cookery school

Karen Morrison learns a few unusual culinary tricks with olives on a Spanish cookery course in Clerkenwell More

Cookery course report: Cinnamon Kitchen, Cooking of the Southern Indian estates

Mark Barber joins a Saturday morning kitchen to learn about a dozen dishes from the south of India More

Cookery school report: Now You’ve Caught The Pig, The Milestone, Sheffield

Pork Belly Tray
Helen Sutcliffe gets hands on with everything but the squeal on a well-run pork butchery day course in Sheffield More

Cookery course report: Decadent Desserts by Pukka Paki

Tristan Plowman is wowed by the subtle twists given to decadent desserts and street food snacks of Pakistan More

Cookery course report: Absolute Indian, Flavours of Kerala

It was fitting really that the outside temperature was over 30C at Central Street Kitchen, in Clerkenwell, London, where former school teacher Sheba Promod was … More

Cookery school Q&A: Maria Mayerhofer, Bake with Maria

A potted life in cookery by the owner of Bake with Maria cookery school in London More

Indian cookery masterclass with Atul Kochhar

Tristan Plowman is spellbound by the spice alchemy of Benares chef Atul Kochhar More

Cookery school Q&A: Joe Hunt, Tideswell School of Food

Joe Hunt_tideswell
Find out how chef Joe Hunt's foodie life got off to a mouthwatering start and his secret tips for cucumbers More

Cookery school Q&A: Dennis van Golberdinge, No.7 Cooking Academy

Dennis Van Golberdingephoto
Globetrotting Dutch chef Dennis van Golberdinge sticks with his 40-year-old knives and loves to forage for samphire More

Cookery school Q&A: Stephen Billingham, Priceless Nutrition

stephen billingham
Stephen Billingham sings the praises of humble mashed potato and the importance of a good knife More

Cookery school report: School of Wok, London

There’s a bit of a trend for express cookery classes that can be squeezed in to a lunch hour or an hour after work before … More

Cookery School Q&A: Fiona Burrell, Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Ex Leiths' principal, Fiona Burrell shares secrets from more than 30 years in the cookery school world More

Cookery course report: Macaroons at L’Atelier des Chefs

I don’t bake. So I thought a macaroon class would be a good place to start – a modest, singular challenge for a non-baker. Besides … More

Cookery School Q&A: Sumayya Jamil of Pukka Paki

Meet the chef-director: Sumayya Jamil, the founder of Pukka Paki, rates okra and fondly recalls her grandma's parathas More

Cookery course report: Teatime Treats at Bettys

Region:   Type:  
Helen Sutcliffe is seduced by all sorts of baked goods at a classic cookery course in Harrogate More

Grill thrills at Argentine meat masterclass

Tristan Plowman beefs up his barbecue know-how at a Bodegon experience in North London More

Why cookery schools need to ‘green up’

The Sustainable Restaurant Association has its eye on cookery schools More

Cookery course report: Raymond Blanc Cookery School, Oxfordshire

Nick Wyke acts chef for a day and learns how to perfect a summer dinner party in the kitchens of Raymond Blanc More

Cookery course report: cordials and booze at Yorkshire Wolds

Helen Sutcliffe is warmed by the summery spirits of cordials, conserves and liqueurs More

Cookery School Q&A: Rosalind Rathouse, Cookery School, London

Rosalind Rathouse, founder of the Cookery School, on her award winning milk sponge and the versatility of pollock More

Cookery School Q&A: Camilla Schneideman of Leiths

Camilla Schneideman, MD at Leiths School of Food and Wine, on quiche, Naifu knives and the importance of tasting More

Cookery course report: Yuki’s Kitchen

Tristan Plowman takes a bow to the memorable umami and simplicity of Japanese home cooking More

Kerbside cuisine is streets ahead in the North

Andrew Critchett's Fish& van in central Leeds
The street food revolution is alive and well in the north, reports Helen Sutcliffe More

Cookery course report: ‘Made in Yorkshire’ at Dean Clough

Helen Sutcliffe masters baked cheesecake on a smoothly run course that celebrates produce from her native Yorkshire More

Richard Bertinet pastry masterclass

Chicken and leek pie made with pastry from Richard Bertinet masterclass
"Pastry is all about confidence and being bold in your approach," says Richard Bertinet at a cookery class in London More

A taste of London’s Covent Garden

Celia Brooks takes her food tours to London's Covent Garden More

Cookery course report: Waitrose Cookery School

Lucy McDonald enjoys a simple supper course to expand her culinary repertoire More

Cookery school report: Theo Randall Fish Masterclass

Theo cooks and talks about food much like an Italian, albeit with less gesticulation, says Tristan Plowman More

Top tips for tahini

Helen Sutcliffe praises the endless variations of this simple sesame based sauce More

Cookery course report: Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Camaraderie and simple, affordable meals are on the menu at a ten-week cookery course in Leeds More

How we learn to cook

Ex-boyfriends? Mother-in-laws? Can you remember how you learnt to cook? More

Cookery course report: Gallivant Hotel, East Sussex

Flavours of the Gallivant Hotel by Lynne at Tea For Joy
Fish comes straight off day boats from the English Channel on this Sussex based residential cookery course More

Cookery course report: Taste of Ireland at Leiths

Alive, alive oh - Tristan Plowman tries an Irish cookery course in London that sets you up for a St Patrick's Day feast More

Cookery course report: Knife skills at Recipease

photo (1)
I know nothing about knives. At home I’ve just got one paring knife, a bread knife and a medium sized knife. They’re all blunt. So … More

Brunch challenge: how to cook tempeh

Tempeh -
I like food challenges. They push you out of that safe repertoire of ten or so dishes that you circle back to. They open new … More

Learning to cook with an eye on fish stocks

Fishing for facts on a sustainable seafood course at the Cookery School, London More

Blog of the week: Pencil and Spoon

Know your ABVs from your IPAs? Mark Dredge pen(cil)s one of the best beer blogs in Britain More

Cookery school tips from the frontline

In January I started the Two Term Diploma at Leiths School of Food and Wine. It seems that after 12 years at school, three years … More

The art of making sushi

A sushi making class in Europe's biggest shopping centre More

Chocolate cakes and charisma at Cake Boy baking course

Students learn confidence and short cuts at hands-on Battersea baking class More

Waitrose Cookery School serves up cookbook

A well designed cookbook to help home cooks make the most of trips to the supermarket More

The best fish and chip shop in Britain 2012

Seniors, NORTH WEST, owner Alastair Horabin and Mike Wallace of sponsors VA Whitley
Lancashire brothers Alastair and Dominic Horabin win the best chippy of the year More

The UK’s Top 10 fish and chip shops 2012

The best 10 take-away fish and chip shops in Britain More

Food trends in 2012

Peruvian? Posh pork scratchings? Japanese pastries? What will we be eating in 2012? More

Crafty Christmas treats

'Who doesn’t like covering fruit in chocolate?' asks Helen Sutcliffe More

Love thy neighbour’s food
Would you buy your supper from your neighbour? More

Reinventing the mince pie

How traditional should a mince pie be? That’s a question for the Mince Pie Project, which has assigned 36 celebrity chefs to create 36 different … More

Truffle ice cream anyone?

One of things I liked best about the inaugural truffle supper club held at chez MisterTruffle in Maze Hill, South-East London on Saturday was that the … More

How to celebrate Thanksgiving in England

"There is an old-fashioned simplicity to these recipes" More

Fish in a Day cookery course

Qin Xie takes Food Safari's first fish cookery course on dry land in London More

Cookbook corner: Maya Angelou’s words of culinary wisdom

Great Food, All Day Long is the second cookery book by the acclaimed American writer Maya Angelou, following on from the success of Hallelujah! The … More

Competition to win Spanish cookery class

Spanish cookery courses, rather like Spanish language classes, have seen a spike in recent years. It’s been charged by the popularity of restaurants such as … More

French digital cookery school

We already have cars that tell us which way to go so why not a talking kitchen that not only tells us what to cook … More

Review of the French Laundry at Harrods

Thomas Keller certainly brought the Californian sunshine with him to London for the opening weekend of his 10-day pop-up and just about everything else except … More

Five Top tips from a fish masterclass

Fish -
1. Use a boning knife to fillet fish. The firmer blade will make the procedure easier and produce a neater fillet 2. When removing both … More

10 of the best cookery courses for kids

Six weeks of summer holiday is a long time to fill for restless kids Among all the courses and activities that occupy youngsters there are … More

Young kitchen cadets

It won’t be long before the summer holidays are upon us. Following grown-up footsteps and palates, children’s cookery clubs and classes are springing up all … More

Kent cook, will cook

It’s all smiles and spices on Dev Biswal’s interactive cooking evenings held at The Ambrette, his contemporary Indian restaurant in Margate, on the increasingly seductive … More

Pizza the action

The more we develop Looking to Cook, the more we discover that there really is a course for just about every type of cuisine and … More

Kitchen garden gourmets dig eating

We’re coming into peak season for leaves and fresh vegetables now – see the excellent  Steve’s Leaves for a round-up of what’s hot and seasonal … More

Seasonal cookery classes

Spring is well and truly in the air and farmers’ markets are filling up, some with the first asparagus of the season, which has come … More

A taste of Persia

The wonderful Skye Gyngell, who recently acquired a Michelin star for her restaurant at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, London cooked dishes from Saraban on Saturday, … More

Looking to Cook soon

Welcome to the Looking to Cook website. Our aim is to help you browse the UK and Ireland’s best cookery schools and to find a course … More