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27 October 2014, 4.59 pm

Thank you for your votes. The polls are now closed and winners will be announced shortly…
After sifting through hundreds of entries we have finally created shortlists for each of the categories for the UK Cookery School Awards 2014. Cast your votes in the polls below – only one vote per person per category – and please be aware that the votes alone do not determine the final outcome, though they may contribute towards the judges’ decision:

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23 comments about VOTE NOW in polls for the UK Cookery School Awards

  1. Caroline Matteo says:

    Maria at Bake with Maria offers amazing classes. They are relaxed and so enjoyable but also very well structured with lots of information and tips to help the students in their own kitchens.

  2. Catherine Walker says:

    Wonderful Daylesford!

  3. Jill Eyles says:

    Abinger Cookery School’s website is attractive and easy to understand. These are the most important aspects of any website.
    It is easy to see that the participants are having a great time and the food looks good, too. Food and fun – what could be better?

  4. The Abinger Cookery School is run by a very professional friendly bunch.
    Clear, concise tuition means everyone leaves the school with new cooking
    skills whatever their ability.

  5. Karen Benson says:

    Carole has so much patience and enthusiasm that my daughter has loved going to cookery workshops.
    She welcomes everyone and is a great role model. She works hard to ensure that all the food produced is healthy and nutritious. She deserves to win!

  6. Jodi Collins says:

    My son attended the pre-school cooking classes with Carole Rose and she has a magical way of keeping these strong willed little people entranced. They come out of there with a love of cooking and an enthusiasm to try new things. It’s a shame my son is now at school as he would love to return. Carole also spent the day at my daughter’s school cooking with 30 six-year olds. They came out with wonderful food and had a fabulous day.

  7. Carole is a very special person, puts heart and soul into everything she does. So patient, the children love her and so do I!

  8. sam says:

    I feel Cookies Cooking School should win because it is an amazing cookery school. My kids have been cooking with Carole for 8 months and they love it; Carole is an amazing teacher, she is really good with the children and they all love her. My son has learnt so much and he loves to show me what he has been doing at Cookies and help me around the kitchen. Cookery is such a good skill to learn.

  9. Tracy Higgins says:

    Carole Rose deserves to win. Im a 44 year old mummy to two young daughters and a rubbish cook! I sent my 7 year old to Cookies from the age of 5 and have been amazed by her ability to cook now. Carole has also helped me. she is friendly, fun and patient with the children she teaches.

  10. Simon Rose says:

    Carole and her cooking school are absolutely fantastic; she inspires her students with her passion and flair and is an advocate for healthy and nutritional eating. Her ability to teach transformational life skills in cooking are amazing and I don’t know of any other schools that provide such a unique service. Cookies is one to watch for the future as they will be certainly going places.

  11. Hugo Lamrechts says:

    Cinque Ports… Kent… the best…

  12. Nell Dunn says:

    Root Camp is an inspirational set-up teaching young people the pleasure of making and sharing healthy food.

  13. Sarah Amos says:

    My daughter has been to a few of Carole’s classes. Not only has she come home with delicious goodies for the family to eat, she has walked away with a big smile and looks forward to the next time. Carole and her team are professional, warm and friendly with bundles of enthusiasm and ideas.

  14. Hattie Ellis says:

    Root Camp cleverly harnesses teen sociability to get them to cook for each other, with carefully deployed guidance and a real sense of good food.

  15. Joanne Howell says:

    Carole Rose is a fantastic teacher. She is clearly passionate about what she does and fills children and adults with confidence about cooking, no matter what their experience level. The team at Cookies are professional and encouraging and help people of all ages and abilities to succeed in learning about food and cooking tasty recipes.

  16. Tracey Tooke says:

    I don’t know how Carole finds the time to do all that she does! Thanks to Cookies, my son and his friends have spent many Tuesdays cooking up delights for their lunch and clearing their plates! They’ve been inspired to be more adventurous about food and to think about health and nutrition. Well done the team!!

  17. Kevan Jones says:

    My 25 year-old son has severe learning difficulties. He initially presents as a adult but academically is somewhere in the 7-11 age group. He has attended two cookery skills sessions at The Cinque Ports Community Kitchen where he has received expert tuition from Chef Pieter with support from Stephanie. I couldn’t watch the first time he expertly peeled an onion! Fortunately, the spicy Italian meatballs which he produced were not only delicious but they contained no unwanted digits… I’m now looking forward to some more wonderful meals cooked by,”Yes Chef,” John.

  18. Debbie Williams says:

    I’ve spent a long time researching cookery schools and can confidently say that Bettys is the best. Lisa Bennison, Amy Callin, Chris Taylor and David Haynes were part of the team that ‘got me cooking’ when I turned up at Harrogate hardly able to boil water. Since then, I’ve done further courses and have now also been taught by Jenny Culver and Andy Lawson. They are all superb chef-tutors and also have an impressive work history in the industry. Their interest in their students is genuine and sustained and they all remain available for help when required. Having done the Stage 1 Certificate, I’ve emerged able to cook a wide range of dishes, from the basic to more difficult and can also fillet fish, nurture a stockpot, bake bread and make pasta and even temper chocolate. I’ve subsequently attended a number of day courses in order to increase my repertoire: patisserie, Christmas and Easter baking. Another wonderful advantage is that the Cookery School can call upon the expertise of Bettys’ master bakers and chocolatiers to help with the teaching of specialist skills. Miwa and Helen, course assistants, have always been very kind and helpful, ditto Amanda and Hillary on reception and not forgetting the lovely team of housekeepers who clean up after us each time. Like I said, it’s easily the best school in the country.

  19. Eric says:

    Definitely Daylesford cookery school for the variety and quality of the courses, the professionalism of the tutors and the astonishing place.

  20. Liz Kadir says:

    My son has attended the Cookies classes for many years, and now is an amazing cook. He loves to cook for fun, and I have no doubt that when he leaves home in a few years, he will be able to cook himself healthy and delicious meals and wow potential girlfriends with his cooking!

  21. Ben Godfrey says:

    Root Camp is a fantastic initiative. What could possibly be more community based than encouraging the next generation to get closer to the land; to understand that food is a resource to be cherished and valued, not to be made in factories and distributed with no thought toward health or the environment. We live in a time where these are both pressing issues and we need enterprising ideas like this to give the the next generation the tools to solve them. Root Camp is so much more than a cookery school.

  22. Mary Yates says:

    I have attended several courses at the Foodworks cookery school and every course has been delivered with such a wonderful friendly approach with highly qualified tutor chefs. The variety of courses on offer are fabulous from Britsh seasonal dinner party cooking to Sushi, Thai and curry evenings which are such fun and very sociable. My neice recently attended a one-week residential cooking for uni course which she thoroughly enjoyed coming away with a recipe book full of delicious healthy easy seasonal recipes. We will all continue to attend courses at Foodworks.

  23. Michelle Bernasconi says:

    I came all the way from Sydney, Australia to do a cookery course at River Cottage and I wasn’t disappointed! We cooked the most exquisite food. Everything was explained really well and the views were to die for! Seriously one of the best days of my life! Shame I can’t do it every month but I’m still being inspired by what I learnt 🙂

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