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Basic ingredients: The lovely website for this new cookery school and cook shop in South-East London promises a smart up-to-date culinary experience. Joy Neal set up Munchkins Kids Cooking in 2005 and this is the adult version of her business. Working with a number of experts and guest chefs in a custom-built kitchen behind the cook shop, Neal has most bases covered with regular classes on international cuisines, sweet and savoury foods and knife skills. Friday evenings offer a fun social experience that includes Meat and Fish classes with the local butcher and fishmonger, and sausage and truffle making classes. Family courses start from £20 per person.

They say: We aim to put the fun back into cooking.

We say: This is a thoroughly modern cookery school offering a great range of classes at a very accessible price point. Keep an eye out for offers on the website.

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Contact: Blackheath Cooks, 13 Old Dover Road, Blackheath, London, SE3 7BT
0208 269 1331;

4 comments about Blackheath Cooks

  1. Blackheath Cooks has made our neighbourhood more of a community in so many ways! We have met each other at cooking classes, held our parties there and joined up with parents groups from school to enjoy evenings of wine tasting or specialist cooking together. Most of all, our kids are all becoming confident in the kitchen and understanding healthy eating so much more. Joy has offered classes to our children’s school and every member of our family has been there for at least 1 class- from grandparents to toddlers. Its also a great place for a last minute gift.

  2. Anna Finnemore says:

    Blackheath Cooks is affordable, approachable, flexible, welcoming and offers a wide range of courses that inspire and entice. I’ve used their classes as gifts several times and always had glowing reports. In an area of London I didn’t previously know well they have made it feel like a welcoming community.

  3. Charlotte Hall says:

    There’s a lovely atmosphere at Blackheath Cooks where Joy and her team preside over a kitchen filled with culinary deliciousness and a shop stuffed to the gunnels with enamel, china and chrome delights. My spirits always experience a little lift when I visit.

  4. Susan Monteiro says:

    Blackheath Cooks is very innovative and as far as I am concerned there is nothing similar available in the area that can cater for all ages.There is a vast array of classes available and all are very affordable. Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable and have a great way of making you feel at ease no matter how basic your skills or knowledge may be! I have been to 2 classes there now, and each time I have pick up a lot of useful tips and had a really fun time.

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