Cookery School at Little Portland Street

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Basic ingredients: Rosalind Rathouse is the professional chef and self-confessed food obsessive who runs, with great success, the Cookery School. Situated two minutes from Oxford Circus on Little Portland Street, the school, which has a large, bright and well equipped  basement kitchen and a smaller upstairs one, offers a range of seasonal, specialist and international cookery classes such as Middle Eastern cuisine and a Sourdough Masterclass with Dan Lepard. Prices start from £115 for a morning or evening class rising to £250 for a full-day. They also offer intensive day or short evening courses for beginners, improvers and advanced cooks and a six-week long Cook’s Certificate in Food and Wine for those wanting to learn to work in a professional kitchen.

They say: Our approach to food is simple, modern and imaginative. We continually strive to find sustainable sources for the food we cook and use a range of very exciting suppliers.

We say: Cookery School’s strength is the wide range of hands-on classes and courses on offer and the sharp team under Rathouse who runs the school. There are  ‘day’ or ‘evening’ options for those with tight schedules and the guest appearances by well-known cooks add an extra spark to the already bursting seasonal programme. The Absolute Beginners course is a great way to get the basics under your belt.

Read our latest cookery school report here.

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Contact: Cookery School at Little Portland Street, 5b Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BW
0207 631 4590;

5 comments about Cookery School at Little Portland Street

  1. Charlotte says:

    I recently atteneded a class at Cookery School in Little Portland Street called ‘Italian Autumn’ and all i can say is WOW! The class was absolutely amazing. The chef, John, knew exactly what he was doing and as well as teaching us how to cook the food, he told us all the secret tips!
    The team at Cookery School pamper you from start to finish and from my own experience it was definitely worth the money! Although the best part was sitting down and eating the food we made ourselves at the end of the lesson! I would recommend to anyone and i can 100% say i will deffenitly be going back for some more classes…

  2. RayRayCobbly says:

    I attended a fantastic Middle Eastern class with my family on Saturday at the Cookery School. The food was absolutely divine and cooked to perfection; we were thoroughly informed by our class tutor how every dish was to be made and given expertise skills to make our 11-recipe feast a masterpiece! We had a wonderful member of staff that efficiently tidied our work stations and cooking equipment, (if only our own kitchens could have such a joy.) I would most certainly recommend Cookery School to everybody. The experience was truly memorable.

  3. James Greenslade says:

    The beginner’s course at Cookery School on Little Portland Street comes very highly recommended (my wife would definitely agree!) There is lots of hands on cooking so we could all practice what we were learning under the guidance of the great team at Cookery School. Brilliant recipes, very inspiring and lots of tasting made it great fun. I’ll be back for the Intermediate course…

  4. Edward says:

    I first went to Cookery School on Little Portland for their amazing French Breakfast Baking course, where the complexities and nuances of croissant and brioche doughs were explained to us in easily digestible detail. I’ve been to a few cooking schools, but have never had an experience as satisfying overall as I did at Cookery School. The material was flawlessly presented, and at a level appropriate for all levels, the final product was delicious, and most importantly, the baking was completely reproducible at home! I had an amazing time and will be going back for more.

  5. Edwin Ballogan says:

    I attended a Master Class bread making with Dan Lepard at Cookery School at little Portland Street on a Saturday and it was an unforgettable experience. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of techniques. The class gave me the confidence to make bread instead of buying it. I am baking now for my family and friends which they love. Thanks and I look forward to another class soon.

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