Christmas cookery quiz

9 December 2011, 3.53 pm

1. What does ‘ricotta’ mean?

2. What does borage taste of?

3. Which herb is known as ‘dew of the sea’?

4. Which TV chef was once head chef at Lord’s Cricket Ground?

5. What does it mean if something is ‘farci’?

6. What is a Moroccan cooking pot called?

7. What is the principal ingredient of fermented miso paste?

8. What is a clementine a cross between?

9. What is a traditional French stockpot called?

10. Gram flour is made from what?

11. Which is hotter, vindaloo or phall?

12. Which lettuce made its first appearance in the UK in the 1970s?

13. What was the title of Nigella Lawson’s first cookery book?

14. Baklava is made with which type of pastry?

15. Which fruit is used to make the Spanish tracklement membrillo?

16. What is the name of Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in London?

17. Who made this year’s Royal Wedding cake?

18. Which nut is principally used to make praline?

19. Caviar is the roe of which fish?

20. Which English county is home of the lardy cake?

Questions from Everything But the Oink! by Graham Tarrant (Absolute Press, £6.99)

Answers: Re-cooked, cucumber, rosemary, Ainsley Harriot, stuffed, tagine, soya bean, an orange and tangerine, marmite, chickpeas, phall, iceberg, How to Eat, filo, quince, Dinner, Fiona Cairns, almonds, sturgeon, Wiltshire

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